Genus Xanthochilus Stål, 1872

Wagner (1961x) proposed the new name Neoxanthochilus because he discovered, after examination of supposed type material, that the type species of Xanthochilus Stål (which, as indicated above, is quadratus Fabricius), belonged to the genus Trapezonotus. Later Scudder & Wagner (1964: 357) showed that Fabricius had seemingly given also this specific name to a Xanthochilus, again with two possible interpretations corresponding to the species now currently named quadratus and omissus, or that something else wrong occured with Fabricius type(s) of quadratus. They requested the ICZN to invalidate the existing type seen by Wagner. The commission used its Plenary Powers in this sense (Opinion 798, 1966), preserving Stål's meaning of Xanthochilus. See also the note under Trapezonotus dispar.