Genus Antilochus Stål, 1863

Extralimital subgenus: Stehlík (2009a) established the subgenus Afroantilochus Stehlík, 2009 (type species Lygaeus boerhaviae Fabricius, 1794, by original designation) for Afrotropical species, but this name is a junior synonym of Neaeretus Reuter, 1887 (type species Neaeretus distantii Reuter, 1887, by monotypy) (see Stehlík & Kment, 2011). All Palaearctic and Oriental species of Antilochus belong to the nominotypical subgenus. The record of Antilochus bipunctatus Signoret, 1861, endemic of the Comores, from Kuwait (Al-Houty, 1989) is based on misidentified Scantius aegyptius (see Al-Houty & Dolling, 1999: 86).