Genus Tingis Fabricius, 1803

The genus Monanthia Lepeletier & Serville, 1828 was used by several authors (Fieber, Puton, and others) in a broad sense covering the present Tingis. The palaearctic Tingis were divided by Wagner (1961b) in four subgenera: Lasiotropis, Neolasiotropis, Tropidochila and Tingis s. str. Considering larval characters and host-plants affinities, PĂ©ricart (1981c, 1983) and Golub (1982a) confirmed the subgeneric value of Tingis s. str. and Neolasiotropis, and combined Lasiotropis with Tropidocheila. Some N African species (Tingis foleyi, T. laetabilis, T. rotundipennis) of doubtful subgeneric placement are given here in a group "Tingis of uncertain position". Extralimital subgenus: Caenotingis Drake, 1928, Oriental Region.