Cletus pugnator (Fabricius, 1787)

Josifov & Kerzhner (1978: 162) noted that Cimex pugnator Fabricius was synonymized with Cimex trigonus Thunberg, 1783 by Stål (1873a: 78), but they followed Breddin (1909: 289) in considering the two species as distinct. The record from China (SW) rests on material from Guizhou examined by them; L.Y. Zheng & Dong (1995) did not see any material from China. The name Gonocerus acutus Dallas, 1852, cited here in synonymy with Cletus trigonus (Thunberg, 1783), may refer to this species. Breddin (1909: 289) considered Coreus bipunctatus Westwood, 1842 from India (junior secondary homonym of Gonocerus bipunctatus Herrich-Schaeffer, 1840) to be a synonym of C. pugnator, but Distant (1918a: 158) regarded it as a distinct species and proposed for it a new replacement name, Cletus stali.