Rhopalus (Aeschyntelus) maculatus (Fieber, 1837)

Coreus crassicornis Latreille, 1804a: 205 (sp. 9) and Coreus crassicornis Latreille, 1804: 206 (sp. 11) are different species. The former was re-named by Latreille (1804a: 416) with the vernacular name coré clavicorne, subsequently latinized to Coreus clavicornis Boitard, 1828, apparently to avoid secondary homonymy with Cimex crassicornis Linnaeus, 1758, which is probably Latreille’s sp. 11. Coreus crassicornis is neither a primary homonym in Coreus nor a secondary homonym in Rhopalus. Coreus clavicornis Boitard, 1828 is a primary homonym of Coreus clavicornis Fabricius, 1803, although Fabricius replaced this name in the same work (see Strobilotoma typhaecornis (Fabricius, 1803)). #Corizus maculatus Herrich-Schaeffer, 1840 appears to be founded independently of Corizus maculatus Fieber, 1837. Rhopalus maculatus decolor was redescribed as new by Wagner (1965r).