Dindymus (Dindymus) sanguineus (Fabricius, 1794)

Thunberg (1784) included in Cimex augur four varieties, all representing separate species. Stål (1856b: 390-391) restricted the usage of the specific name for Thunberg's var. β. Contrary to Bergroth (1914b: 354) and other authors, Dindymus sanguineus is not a variety or subspecies of D. rubiginosus (see Stehlík & Kerzhner, 1999: 123). Fabricius (1794) gave the name Lygaeus sanguineus to two different species, a pyrrhocorid (page 155) and a mirid (page 175). Turton (1802) replaced the name of the mirid by a new name, thus making the pyrrhocorid name the senior homonym. The reverse action by Fabricius (1803), who changed the pyrrhocorid name and retained the mirid name, is invalid.