Scolopostethus decoratus (Hahn, 1833)

The status of brevis has been discussed since a long time: considered by Horváth (1891c: 117) as a var. of decoratus, this taxon was upgraded to species by Wagner (1949l: 8), then downgraded to synonym by Péricart (1994c: 406 and 1999b: 297); a clinal variation of the species decoratus from north to south explains the divergencies in opinions of authors. There were at least two syntypes of brevis, originating from Malta. Although Horváth (1891c: 116) wrote that the unique type was lost in mail, another specimen in good condition (now the lectotype) does exist at the BMNH; the neotype designated by Wagner (1949l: 8) from Sardinia is therefore invalid (see also Péricart, 1997b: 486).