Macropternella bicolor conica (Rey, 1888)

Macropterna convexa var. conica Rey, 1888a: 99 (upgraded to species by Rey, 1888c: 3; downgraded to subspecies of bicolor by Péricart, 1993a: 439). LT (Péricart, 1993a: 437): male, France, Provence; MHNL.

Macropterna conica var. cannensis Pic, 1910b: 38 (syn. Péricart, 1993a: 441, suspected). ST(S): France, Cannes; lost.

Macropternella conica f. intermedia Stichel, 1958c: 148.

Macropternella conica f. nigriclavus Stichel, 1958c: 148.