Anisops varius Fieber, 1851

Fieber (1851c: 59) described Anisops varius from two series giving a varietal name to each of them. Hutchinson (1929: 394) argued for retaining f. sugillata as the "type . form", but Lansbury (1966b: 40, 41) designated as LT of Anisops varius a male belonging to the form scutellata and stated that "this is now regarded as the nominate form." Kirkaldy (1904: 118) suspected Anisops scutellaris Herrich-Schaeffer, 1849, described from "Ostindien", to be a synonym of Anisops niveus (Fabricius, 1775). Brooks (1951: 356), without discussion, synonymized Anisops scutellaris with Anisops varius Fieber, 1851, which is unknown from Asia except the Near East.