Sigara (Sigara) seistanensis (Distant, 1920)

Corixa seistanensis Distant, 1920a: 206. LT (Hutchinson, 1933: 401, inadvertently): male, Iran, Seistan, Nasratabad; NZSI?

Corixa randana Distant, 1920a: 206 (syn. Hutchinson, 1933: 401 and 1940: 425, suspected; Jansson, 1995: 50). STS: Iran, Seistan, Randa Stream, NW of Jellalabad and Lab-i-Baring; NZSI: two syntypes (Hutchinson, 1933; at least one male, but no indication of collecting data), BMNH: two female syntypes from Jellalabad, glued side by side on a piece of card and labelled holotype (see note under Micronecta scutellaris).

Sigara astrita Lansbury, 1966a: 215 (syn. Jaczewski & Wróblewski, 1975: 56). HT: male, Mongolia, 47⁰48' N/92⁰03' E, Aimak Chovd, Char-us-nur, SW bank.