Micronecta (Sigmonecta) quadristrigata Breddin, 1905

Lundblad (1933a: 87) synonymized M. minthe Distant, 1911a: 347 with M. quadristrigata, referring to certain syntypes. Later, Wróblewski (1972) discovered that the original series of M. minthe included two forms which can be separated by morphological characters: typical M. quadristrigata and form minthe. Wróblewski (1972: 33) designated a lectotype for the form minthe (slide preparation; specimen collected from Sri Lanka, Tangalle; BMNH), stating that in the future the rank of the form may be raised to subspecies. However, being sympatric the subspecific rank is not acceptable, and therefore the two must be regarded as separate species. Micronecta minthe is not known from the Palaearctic Region.