Agramma (Agramma) laetum (Fallén, 1807)

Records from S Europe and Turkey may be (at least partially) errors, referring to Agramma confusum. Records from Latvia, Russia (CT, ST, ES, and WS) refer to A. femorale; from Russia (ST) to A. fallax or A. confusum; from Azerbaijan and Armenia to A. confusum; from Russia (FE) to A. ruficorne; from Mongolia to A. mongolicum or A. turanicum. Records from China are erroneous (see Golub, 1990). The record from Serbia (Protić, 2011d) needs confimation. The records from Iran are erroneous (Ghahari et al., 2012b).

The record from Asian Turkey (Yıldırım et al., 2013) needs verification.