Plautia crossota (Dallas, 1851)

Pentatoma crossota Dallas, 1851a: 252 (syn. Stål, 1876: 92). STS: male, female, India (N Bengal) and ?Philippines; BMNH.

Cimex fimbriatus Fabricius, 1787: 295 (junior primary homonym of Cimex fimbriatus Thunberg, 1783). STS: China; ZMUC.

Pentatoma fimbriata Westwood, 1837: 39 (on p. 9, Westwood gives credit to Fabricius for this name, but on p. 39 he appears to describe this as a new species). ST(S): India or Bangladesh, Bengalia; OXUM.

Pentatoma fimbriolatum Herrich-Schaeffer, 1844: 102 (junior primary homonym of Pentatoma fimbriolata Germar, 1838). New name for fimbriatus Fabricius, 1787.

Rhaphigaster rufoviridis Walker, 1867a: 364 (syn. Distant, 1900f: 394). HT: Gambia; BMNH.

Nezara rubripennis Jakovlev, 1890: 544 (syn. Kiritshenko, 1912c: 204). HT: China (SW), Sichuan, Shuijingbao [region between Songpan and Pinwu]; ZMAS.

Plautia elegans Linnavuori, 1975c: 114 (syn. Roche, 1979: 602). HT: female, Sudan, Blue Nile, Ingessana; AMNH.