Saldula palustris (Douglas, 1874)

Salda palustris Douglas, 1874a: 10. STS: Great Britain, Southhampton; Bascombe Chine, nr Bournemouth; Hythe, nr Southhampton Water; MZHF, OXUM?

Salda bicolor A. Costa, 1847a: 9 (junior secondary homonym of bicolor Curtis, 1835 when both were placed in Salda or Acanthia) (syn. Reuter, 1895a: 47, with mutabilis Reuter). STS: Italy, "In Aenariae insula" [= Ischia Is.]; ZIUN?

Salda saltatoria var. apicalis J. Sahlberg, 1878a: 35 (syn. Reuter, 1891b: 157). For S. saltatoria (Linnaeus) var. c J. Sahlberg, 1870: 301. STS: Russia (NT), shores of Onega L., Petrozavodsk; Jalguba [= nr Solomennoje]; MZHF?

Acanthia melanoscela var. pallidipennis Reuter, 1888b: 226 (upgraded as species by Reuter, 1895a: 23; syn. Cobben, 1959: 309). STS (Cobben, 1959: 309): Greece, Elis; MZHF.

Acanthia (Acanthia) palustris var. sordidipennis Reuter, 1891b: 156. STS: Great Britain, Scotland; MZHF.

Acanthia mutabilis Reuter, 1891c: 23 (syn. Cobben, 1959: 309). STS: France, Arcachon? [sic!]; MZHF.

Acanthia mutabilis var. imitator Reuter, 1891c: 24. STS: France, Arcachon? [sic!]; MZHF.

Acanthia bicolor var. obscura Reuter, 1902a: 153. Unnecessary new name for Acanthia mutabilis Reuter, 1891 var. a forma typica.

Saldula mutabilis f. inversa Stichel, 1934: 301. For mutabilis Reuter, 1891 var. b.

Saldula palustris var. browni Wagner, 1951a: 3.

Saldula pallidipennis var. hartigi Wagner, 1955: 119. HT: Italy, Sicily, Catania, Plaia Litorale; INER.

Saldula pallidipennis f. ancestralis Filippi, 1957: 34. HT: Tunisia, La Skira Oued; MSNM?