Genus Gonocerus Berthold, 1827

Berthold’s name is a latinization of the vernacular Gonocère of Latreille, 1825: 420. Neither author included any species. Latreille (1829a: 196) included three species in Coreus (Gonocerus): Coreus sulcicornis Fabricius, 1794, Cimex insidiator Fabricius, 1787 and Coreus antennator Fabricius, 1803. Brullé (1836: 364) used the vernacular Gonocères for a species-group within the nominotypical subgenus Coreus Fabricius, 1794 and designated Coreus venator Fabricius, 1794 as its type species; his designation is invalid because venator is not one of the species included by Latreille, 1829a.