Genus Leptocorisa Latreille, 1829

Kirkaldy (1900d: 264) believed that Leach (1815) had validly designated Cimex tipuloides De Geer, 1773 as the type species of Myodocha Latreille, 1807, making Myodocha the oldest available name for this genus. Myodocha Latreille, 1807 sensu Burmeister (1835: 224), emended to Myodochus by Burmeister (1835: 303) was equivalent to Leptocorisa Latreille, 1829 but its type species is now fixed as a lygaeid (Opinion 800/1967). Boitard (1828: 128) invalidly selected Cimex angustatus Fabricius, 1787 as the type species of Gerris Fabricius, 1794 (which he treated as a subgenus of Alydus Fabricius, 1803). Cimex angustatus is a synonym of Leptocorisa acuta (Thunberg, 1783) but Gerris cannot take priority over Leptocorisa Latreille, 1829 because Latreille (1810: 259) had already validly designated Cimex lacustris Linnaeus, 1758 as the type species of Gerris. The three species catalogued here as L. acuta, L. chinensis and L. oratoria have been much misidentified in the past. All are major pests of rice.