Subfamilia Leptocorisinae Stål, 1872

Cimex lacustris Linnaeus, 1758 was validly designated as the type species of Gerris Fabricius, 1794 by Latreille (1810: 259). The family-group name Myodochini, type genus Myodocha Latreille, 1807, with type species Myodocha serripes Olivier, 1811, applies to a tribe of Lygaeidae [or Rhyparochromidae] (Opinion 669/1963). This subfamily has been ranked as a tribe of Micrelytrinae (e.g. Schaefer, 1999). Ahmad (1965: 9) subdivided Leptocorisinae into two tribes: Leptocorisini and Noliphini Ahmad, 1965 (Neotropical, Oriental and Australian Regions).