Familia Rhopalidae Amyot & Serville, 1843

Family RHOPALIDAE Amyot & Serville, 1843

W.R. Dolling

This worldwide family of phytophagous bugs contains about 20 genera and 207 species. Some species are very mobile and may reach areas well beyond their normal geographic ranges and even establish temporary colonies there. Although some species may occur among crops, none is of more than minor economic significance. Aposematic and cryptic colour patterns occur; alary polymorphism is very infrequent. Most species are in the size range 5-10 mm; Serinethinae are typically larger, 10-20 mm long. The family is well defined but its internal classification is fluid and its exact relationship to the other families of Coreoidea is subject to debate.

World catalogue: Göllner-Scheiding, 1983. Palaearctic Catalogue: Dolling, 2006b. Regional treatments: Hsiao et al., 1977 (China), V.G. Putshkov, 1986 (former USSR), Moulet, 1995a (Europe, North Africa). Classification: Schaefer, 1965; Chopra, 1967; Göllner-Scheiding, 1978a; Schaefer & Chopra, 1982; X.Z. Li & Zheng, 1994; Davidová-Vilímová et al., 2000.