Familia Piesmatidae

The spelling Piesmidae used in earlier and recent literature (Horváth, 1911e: 14; Wagner, 1953m; Stichel, 1957: 35; Hsiao & Jing, 1981: 216; Dolling, 1991a: 111) is grammatically incorrect as the greek name Piesma is neuter in gender and the respective stem is Piesmat- (ICZN, 1999, article 29). The family was subdivided into two subfamilies: Piesmatinae Amyot & Serville, 1843 including all but one genera and species and Thaicorinae Kormilev, 1969 with one species from Thailand. As the status of the latter is questioned (Schuh & J.A. Slater, 1995: 266; Henry, 1997b) and all Palaearctic species belong to the nominal subfamily, a subdivision is omitted in the present catalogue.