Genus Humilocoris Harrington, 1980

Harrington (1980) designated Rhyparochromus cephalotes Dallas as the type species of Humilocoris. J.A. Slater & Zheng (1985b: 15) point out that it is in error, following J.A. Slater's 1964a original error, where cephalotes Dallas, 1852 was placed in Stigmatonotum, and cephalotes Kiritshenko, 1931 in Pachybrachius. It is the latter species that Harrington intended to be the type of Humilocoris. The record of Humilocoris sp. from Kuwait by Al-Houty (1989) is based on misidentified Remaudiereana annulipes (see Al-Houty & Dolling, 1999: 86).