Genus Blissus Burmeister, 1835

The euromediterranean and afrotropical species Blissus hirtulus Burmeister was confirmed as type species for Blissus (Opinion 705, 1964), ruling out the fact that a very abundant american literature in applied entomology used the same generic name Blissus for the chinch bug, leucopterus Say, which is not congeneric with hirtulus. This ICZN action was not followed by American entomologists, and accordingly J.A. Slater (1979a) proposed the generic name Geoblissus Hidaka, 1959 for species of the hirtulus group. We follow here ICZN (the name Neoblissus Bergroth, 1903 remaining disponible for the american chinch bug and congeners). So, here Geoblissus becomes a subjective synonym of Blissus.