Genus Psallus Fieber, 1858

Barbaropsallus was given as a nomen novum for Parapsallus Wagner, 1952 in Stichel (1956b: 278, 305), but with the exception of its type species Capsus vitellinus, which was transferred to Plagiognathus (see Stichel, 1958a: 782, 784). Thus Psallus dilutus Fieber was indirectly fixed as the type species by monotypy. Stichel's (1956) description of P. dilutus is mainly a rewording of that in Reuter (1878a: 136), the latter based on specimens from Switzerland received from Frey-Gessner. The identity of Psallus dilutus is a matter of controversy (see this species). The subgeneric position of some species is doubtful or not clear at all. The classification proposed by Wyniger (2004) seems premature and is not followed here.