Familia Nabidae A. Costa, 1853

Medocostinae and Velocipedinae are treated as separate families by some authors, and Velocipedinae even considered as superfamily Velocipedoidea by Schuh & Štys (1991). The family name (as Nabini A. Costa, 1852) is placed on the Official List of the Family Group Names in Zoology (Direction 109/1981). The genus Nabis sensu lato was variously splitted in the last decades (Southwood & Leston, 1959; Stichel, 1959; Kerzhner, 1963a, 1968, 1981, 1988b; Péricart, 1987b; etc.), which resulted in upgradings and downgradings of many genus-group names. Here its division in five genera is accepted (Himacerus, Nabis, Stenonabis, Lasiomerus and Hoplistoscelis), of which only the first three occur in the Old World. Extralimital subfamily: Medocostinae Štys, 1967, Afrotropical Region.