Genus Eysarcoris Hahn, 1834

The name Gobisa was first used by Amyot (1845) in his rejected uninomial work (he actually spelled the name Gabisa); he used the name to represent Cimex perlatus Fabricius, 1794 (= Cimex aeneus Scopoli, 1763). Gorski (1852) first used this name in an appropriate manner as a subdivision (subgenus?) of Pentatoma and should be given credit as author of the name. He originally placed four species in this subdivision without designating a type species. Two of the included species are presently members of the genus Eysarcoris and two are members of Stagonomus. No one has since used this name. As perlatus (= aeneus) is designated here as type species, as per Amyot (1845), Gobisa becomes an objective synonym of Eysarcoris.