Genus Aeliomorpha Stål, 1858

Stål (1865c) treated Aeliomorpha as a subgenus of Pentatoma which also included a number of other subgenera generally considered to be members of the Carpocorini. In 1876, he keyed it in its own group, but indicated that its habitus was similar to Aelia. Atkinson (1888b) treated it as a member of the Diploxyaria (= Diploxyini). Lethierry & Severin (1893) and Kirkaldy (1909a) both catalogued it between Aeschrocoris and Aeshrus, both members of the Aeschrocorini (Atkinson had included these two in his Diploxyini also). Distant (1902a) included it in the Dymantaria which is a synonym of the Myrocheini. Most recent workers have considered it to be a member of the Aeliini, except Cachan (1952b) who placed it in the Carpocoraria (= Carpocorini) and Linnavuori (1982b) who placed it in its own generic group. I follow Stål and Cachan in placing this genus in the Carpocorini.