Genus Tessaratoma Berthold, 1827

Berthold (1827) cited the type species as Edessa papillosa, Fabr. Fabricius (1794, 1803) misidentified Drury’s species (Stål, 1870: 63, 68), his Cimex papillosus of 1794 actually is Piezosternum calidum (Fabricius, 1787) and Edessa papillosa of 1803 is Tessaratoma afzelii Stål, 1854. As Cimex papillosus Drury was universally accepted as the type species, this is confirmed here (Code, Arts 67.7 and 70.3.1). The old record of T. conspersa Stål, 1863 from China apparently was based on misidentification. Citation of T. javanica (Thunberg, 1783) from China (Rolston et al., 1994) was based on mistaken synonymy.