Ceraleptus obtusus (Brullé, 1839)

Coreus obtusus Brullé, 1839: 80. STS: Canary Islands, Italy (Sicily) and France (south).

Arenocoris? aegyptius Westwood, 1842c: 25 (syn. Horváth, 1889b: 326, with squalidus, suspected; 1897a 92). ST(S): Egypt; OXUM.

Ceraleptus squalidus A. Costa, 1847b: 12 (syn. Horváth, 1891e: 41). LT (Carapezza et al., 1995: 283): male, Italy; ZIUN.

Ceraleptus distinguendus Stein, 1858: 74, 75 (proposed conditionally for dubiously distinct form). HT: male, Turkey, Asia Minor; ZMHB?

Ceraleptus leptocerus Fieber, 1861a: 219 (syn. Puton, 1874a: 225, with squalidus; 1899: 21). STS: male, female, Europe (south).

Ceraleptus bellieri Signoret, 1862a: 375 (syn. Puton, 1874a: 225, with squalidus; 1899: 21). ST(S): France, Corsica.

Ceraleptus obtusus var. armeniacus Horváth, 1898a: 68. ST(S): male, Armenia, Alagez Mt.; HNHM.