Familia Aepophilidae Puton, 1879

Family AEPOPHILIDAE Puton, 1879 ‑ marine bugs

Lindskog, P.

This monotypic family comprises a single intertidal species, living gregariously within rock fissures and beneath stones in the lower eulittoral zone within a narrow sector of the Atlantic coasts of Western Europe. Though field observations on feeding habits are lacking, it is clearly a predator like the allied Saldidae. The group is alternatively ranked as a separate family (Schuh & J.T. Polhemus, 1980) or as a subfamily of Saldidae (Cobben, 1959; Péricart, 1990).

Monograph: Péricart, 1990. Palaearctic catalogue: Lindskog, 1995a. Biology: Baudoin, 1946; China, 1927; Southwood & Leston, 1959.