Orthops (Orthops) campestris (Linnaeus, 1758)

Cimex campestris Linnaeus, 1758: 448. ST(S): EU; LSUK?

Cimex transversalis Fabricius, 1787: 304 (syn. Reuter, 1888a: 271). ST(S): Germany, Kilia [= Kiel]; ZMUC (1 ST).

Lygaeus pastinacae Fallén, 1807: 86 (syn. Fallén, 1829: 94, with transversalis, suspected; Thomson, 1871d: 427, with transversalis). STS: male, female, Sweden; MZLU.

?Capsus annulicornis Herrich-Schaeffer, 1835b: 51, 82 (syn. Kerzhner, 1981c: 290, suspected). ST(S): Germany (incl. Regensburg); lost.

Capsus lucidus Kirschbaum, 1856: 228, 291 (syn. Flor, 1860: 524, with pastinacae; Wagner, 1939b: 43). STS: male, female, Germany, Wiesbaden and Mombach; MWNH.

Capsus transversus Thomson, 1871d: 427. Incorrect subsequent spelling of transversalis Fabricius, 1787.

Lygus campestris var. algirica Reuter, 1896c: 80. STS: Algeria; MZHF. Listed as species by Wagner (1959a: 74) but not considered separate species in other works.

Lygus (Orthops) campestris f. viridipallens Stichel, 1930: 186. For var. δ in Reuter, 1896c: 80.

Lygus (Orthops) campestris f. prasina Stichel, 1930: 186 (junior primary homonym of Lygus prasinus Reuter, 1876). For var. ε in Reuter, 1896c: 80.

Lygus (Orthops) campestris f. trimaculata Tamanini, 1951c: 10, 15. HT: male, Italy, Courmayer; MCSN.

Lygus (Orthops) campestris f. reuteri Tamanini, 1951c: 15. For var. β in Reuter, 1896c: 80.

Lygus (Orthops) campestris f. herbacea Stichel, 1958a: 726. New name for f. prasina Stichel, 1930.

Lygus (Orthops) campestris f. imperfecta Stichel, 1958a: 726.

Lygus (Orthops) campestris f. stillata Stichel, 1958a: 727.