Charitocoris subglaucus Wagner, 1974

Charitocoris subglaucus Wagner, 1974d: 377. STS (see Priesner & Alfieri, 1953: 91): Sudan (as Egypt), Mersa Halaib and Djebel Elba; ZMUH and Ministry of Agriculture of Egypt (Shalaby, 1958: 27).

Lygopsis pallidus Poppius, 1912g: 85 (junior secondary homonym of Charitocoris pallidus Reuter, 1904; syn. Linnavuori, 1975b: 29). LT (Linnavuori, 1975b: 29, as type): female, Abessinien [actually Djibouti], Obock; MZHF.