Familia Parastrachiidae Oshanin, 1922

Family PARASTRACHIIDAE Oshanin, 1922

J.A. Lis

The family includes only one Asian genus with two phytophagous species. The genus was originally placed in the pentatomid subfamily Asopinae, then in the cydnid subfamily Sehirinae, and recently treated as either a subfamily of Cydnidae (Schaefer et al., 1988: 307) or a separate family (Sweet & Schaefer, 2002: 441). The biology and life cycle were described by Tachikawa & Schaefer (1985).

World review: Schaefer et al., 1991. Palaearctic catalogue: Lis, 2006b. Morphology and systematic position within the Pentatomoidea: Schaefer et al., 1988; Sweet & Schaefer, 2002.