Saldula arenicola arenicola (Scholtz, 1847)

Salda arenicola Scholtz, 1847: 110. STS: Poland, Lower Silesia; UWCP?

Salda ocellata A. Costa, 1847a: 9 (syn. Lindskog, 1995b: 127). STS: Italy, Naples, at Lake Astroni; ZIUN?

Acanthia (Acanthia) arenicola var. connectens Reuter, 1895a: 22.

Acanthia (Acanthia) arenicola var. simulator Reuter, 1895a: 22.

Saldula arenicola f. nigripes Wagner, 1940a: 82. STS: Germany, Schleswig-Holstein, Hummelsbüttel; ZMUH?

Saldula arenicola cataniana Wagner, 1955a: 116 (syn. Cobben, 1959: 307). HT: Italy, Sicily, Catania, Plaia Litorale; INER.

Saldula arenicola f. sahariana Filippi, 1957: 30. STS: Algeria, Oued (Chelif a Boghari, Oued Saoura); Morocco, Fes (Oued Sebou), Guercif (Oued Moulouja) and Taza (Oued Fes); Tunisia, Tabarka, Oued; MSNM?

Saldula deserticola Wagner, 1958b: 211 (syn. Cobben, 1959: 307). HT: male, Algeria, Tassili d'Ajjer; MNHN.

Saldula arenicola f. demaculata Stichel, 1960: 387. New name for var. connectens Reuter (junior homonym of connectens Horváth).