Phyllomorpha laciniata (Villers, 1789)

Cimex laciniatus Villers, 1789: 493. ST(S): France; lost.

Coreus hystrix Latreille, 1817: 55 (syn. Amyot & Serville, 1843: 236). ST(S): France.

Coreus gallicus Germar, 1821: systematic index (syn. Mulsant & Rey, 1870: 11). For Coreus paradoxus (non Sparrmann, 1777): sensu Ahrens, 1812: pl. 24 and legend. ST(S): France (south).

Aradus muricatus Hummel in Jaeger, 1827: 47 (syn. Kanyukova, 1984: 13). ST(S): Russia (ST), Stavropol Terr., Pyatigorsk [in error?, probably Georgia, Tbilisi]; lost.

Phyllomorpha algirica Guérin-Méneville, 1839a: 232 (syn. Puton, 1881i: 87). ST(S): Algeria.

Phyllomorpha algerica: Guérin-Méneville, 1839b: 226. Incorrect subsequent spelling.

Phyllomorpha erinaceus Herrich-Schaeffer, 1842: 103 (syn. Dallas, 1852a: 491; Gorski, 1852: 142). ST(S): Bulgaria, Rumelia; lost.

Phyllomorphus erinaceus Germar, 1847: pl. 12 and legend (syn. Fieber, 1861a: 215). ST(S): Bulgaria, Rumelia.

Phyllomorpha laciniata brevispina Wagner, 1955a: 100 (syn. Moulet, 1991b: 55). HT mentioned but sex and data not stated; STS: Italy, Sicily, Mt Aetna, various localities; INER.

Phyllomorpha laciniata montandon Zange, 2005 (syn. Kment, 2006a: 19). HT: male, Greece, nr Rapsáni; coll. Zange, Ingolstadt, Germany.