Homoeocerus (Tliponius) unipunctatus (Thunberg, 1783)

Dallas (1852: 447) misapplied the name unipunctatus Thunberg, citing Gonocerus marginellus Herrich- Schaeffer, 1840 in synonymy with it. Stål (1873: 60) cited unipunctatus sensu Dallas as a junior synonym of marginellus, distinct from unipunctatus (Thunberg). Distant (1901e: 9) catalogued unipunctatus sensu Dallas in synonymy with Coreus serrifer (Westwood, 1842c: 24), Java and Nepal, along with Homoeocerus parvulus Walker, 1871, Sarawak. Citations of serrifer (Westwood) and parvulus Walker in synonymy with unipunctatus (Thunberg) appear to be errors arising from this confusion. Westwood (1842c: 24) based his description of Coreus serrifer on material from Java and described a specimen from Nepal as an unnamed variety of it. Blöte (1936: 59) thought it "very probable" that Westwood's Java material was conspecific with marginellus and sought to "provisionally preserve" the name serrifer Westwood for the Nepalese form ("cotype" of this form in RMNH); he also (op. cit. p. 56) described Homoeocerus dallasi for Dallas's species but esignated as holotype a specimen not seen by Dallas. Hsiao (1977d: 232) treated distinctus Signoret as a variety of unipunctatus.