Genus Plinachtus Stål, 1860

Plinachtus Stål, 1860a: 470. Type species by subsequent designation (Distant, 1902a: 390): Plinachtus spinosus Stål, 1860, South Africa.

Nesiotes Stål, 1873a: 75 (as subgenus of Plinachtus) (junior homonym of Nesiotes Martens, 1860, emendation or incorrect spelling of Naesiotes Albers, 1850, Mollusca, and of Nesiotes Wollaston, 1861, Coleoptera). Type species by monotypy: Galaesus bellus Stål, 1865, Fiji.

Nanichisme Kirkaldy, 1904b: 280. New name for Nesiotes Stål, 1873.

Metacletus Matsumura, 1913: 137 (Dolling, 2006: 79). Type species by original designation: Metacletus bivittatus Matsumura, 1913 (= Coreus basalis Westwood, 1842).