Dysdercus (Paradysdercus) poecilus (Herrich-Schaeffer, 1843)

Pyrrhocoris poecilus Herrich-Schaeffer, 1843: 17. ST(S): Indonesia, Java; lost.

Dysdercus poecilus var. semifuscus Breddin, 1901e: 85. LT (Stehlík & Kerzhner, 1999: 124): male, Philippines, Iolo [= Jolo Is.]; DEIC.

Dysdercus poecilus var. simplex Breddin, 1901e: 85 (junior secondary homonym of Dindymus simplex Walker, 1873). ST(S): Philippines, Iolo [= Jolo Is.]; DEIC? (not found).

Dysdercus poecilus var. vacillans Hussey in Hussey & Sherman, 1929: 100. New name for var. simplex Breddin, 1901.

Dysdercus poecilus var. parvisignatus Blöte, 1931: 130. STS: Indonesia (Sumatra: many localities; Nias Is.) and Philippines; RMNH.