Closterotomus norwegicus (Gmelin, 1790)

Cimex bipunctatus Fabricius, 1779: 346 (junior primary homonym of Cimex bipunctatus Linnaeus, 1758). STS: male, female, Norway, Lokken S of Trondheim; ZMUC (1 ST).

Cimex norwegicus Gmelin, 1790: 2176. New name for bipunctatus Fabricius, 1779.

Calocoris norvegicus - incorrect subsequent spelling.

Cimex biguttatus Schrank, 1801: 94 (junior primary homonym of Cimex biguttatus Linnaeus, 1758). New name for bipunctatus Fabricius, 1779.

Phytocoris bimaculatus (non Herrich-Schaeffer, 1835): A. Costa, 1853: 38 (260). Misidentification (see Reuter, 1902a: 162).

Capsus contiguus Walker, 1873c: 95 (syn. Distant, 1904e: 110). HT: female, USA, New York, Trenton Falls; BMNH.

Capsus stramineus Walker, 1873c: 96 (syn. Distant, 1904e: 110). STS: male, female, Canada, Nova Scotia; BMNH.

Calocoris norvegicus var. vittiger Reuter, 1896c: 205 (upgraded to ssp. by Wagner, 1942b: 25; syn. Carapezza, 1995a: 211). STS: male, female, type locality not indicated; MZHF (1 ST with illegible label).

Calocoris norvegicus var. atavus Reuter, 1896c: 205. For var. c of bipunctatus in Reuter, 1875g: 53.

Calocoris bipunctatus var. picticollis Horváth, 1909c: 293 (upgraded to subspecies by Stichel, 1957a: 666; as var. by Wagner & Weber, 1964: 175). STS: male, Canary Islands, Tenerife Is., Santa Cruz and Laguna; HNHM.

Calocoris hobartensis Poppius, 1911e: 2 (syn. Carvalho, 1976: 55). LT (Carvalho, 1976: 55): male, Tasmania, Hobart; MRAC.

Calocoris norvegicus f. immaculata Stichel, 1930: 173. For var. β in Reuter, 1896c: 205 (= bipunctatus var. b in Reuter, 1875g: 53).