Deraeocoris (Plexaris) ostentans (Stål, 1855)

Capsus ostentans Stål, 1855a: 37. ST(S): S Africa, Natal (in terra Natalensi); NHRS.

Plexaris saturnides Kirkaldy, 1902e: 283 (syn. Reuter, 1907a: 19; Poppius, 1910d: 50). ST(S): S Africa, Natal, Howick; MZHF?

Camptobrochis ostentans var. vitticolis Reuter, 1905d: 16. For histricus var. c and d in Stål, 1855a: 37 and ostentans var. b and c in Stål, 1866a: 21. STS: S Africa, Caffraria [= E of Cape Prov.]; NHRS.

Camptobrochis ostentans var. obscuricollis Poppius, 1910d: 50. STS: Tanzania; MZHF, NHRS, ZMHB.

Camptobrochis ostentans var. nigricollis Poppius, 1910d: 50. STS: 2 ex., Tanzania, Mt Kilimanjaro, Kibonoto [= Kibongoto] lowland; NHRS.

Deraeocoris ostentans var. nigroruber China, 1944: 171. STS: male, female, Gold Coast [= Ghana], Tafo; BMNH.