Bryocoris (Bryocoris) pteridis (Fallén, 1807)

Capsus pteridis Fallén, 1807: 105. STS: male, female, Sweden; STS in MZLU, lost (R. Danielsson, in litt.).

Capsus pulcher R.F. Sahlberg, 1848: 93 (junior primary homonym of Capsus pulcher Herrich-Schaeffer, 1836; syn. Flor, 1860: 542). STS: male, Finland (south); UZMT.

Bryocoris pteridis f. jagemanni Stehlík, 1945b: 22 (unavailable name, given for the macropterous form). HT: female, Slovakia, valley of Chvojnica R. nr Kralice; MMBC.