Micronecta (Indonectella) grisea (Fieber, 1844)

Sigara grisea Fieber, 1844: 14. NT (Wróblewski, 1968b: 773): male, India, Trichinopoly [= Tirruchchirappali]; HNHM.

Micronecta thyesta Distant, 1911a: 349 (syn. Wróblewski, 1968b: 772). ST(S): India, Bengal, Madhupur; BMNH (1 male, labelled as holotype, but see note under M. scutellaris).

Micronecta pillosella Matsumura, 1915: 115 (syn. Chen, 1960: 117, with M. thyesta). STS: 2 spec. (only one remaining, and this carries the label Formosa Matsumura No 6 DEC, 1911 Taihorin, making its status questionable), Taiwan, Tainan; EIHU.