Micronecta (Basileonecta) scutellaris scutellaris Stål, 1858 (Stål, 1858)

Sigara scutellaris Stål, 1858a: 319. ST(S): 1 male, 3 female, Namibia, tractibus fluvii Kuisip [= River Kuiseb]; NHRS.

Sigara signoreti Reuter, 1882: 42 (syn. Wróblewski, 1968b: 776, listed; confirmed hereby; Jansson, 1987a: 4, listed different, obviously incorrect opinions). ST(S): female, Ghana, Addah; MZHF.

Micronecta decipiens Horváth, 1899a: 102 (syn. Jaczewski, 1936a: 181, suspected; Hutchinson, 1940: 365). ST(S): Egypt.

Micronecta pharaonum Horváth, 1899a: 102 (syn. Jaczewski, 1932: 102). ST(S): Egypt.

Micronecta malabarica Kirkaldy, 1908a: 209 (syn. Hutchinson, 1940: 365, suspected; Wróblewski, 1968b: 776, listed). ST(S): India, Malabar coast.

Micronecta dione Distant, 1911a: 348 (syn. Hutchinson, 1940: 365, 369, 370). Described from India, Bengal, Asansol (Paiva & Caunter) and Calcutta (Paiva). For an unknown reason Hutchinson (1933) did not mention M. dione when listing Distant's types in Calcutta. However, later Hutchinson (1940: 370) listed Bengal 1 male 3 female, Asansol (Paiva & Coulter [sic!], 1 male 2 female, Ind. Mus., 1 male type of M. dione B.M.); all of these specimens obviously belong to the original series together with an unknown number of specimens from Calcutta (Coulter obviously was a misspelling of Caunter. For the status of the type in BMNH, see note).

Micronecta proba Distant, 1911a: 348 (syn. Lundblad, 1933c: 461). Described from Bengal; Calcutta, Rajshai (Annandale); Lucknow. Burma; Mandalay (Annandale). STS (four on one pin), Mandalay; BMNH (labelled as type; existence of the remaining syntypes unknown). Hutchinson's (1940: 366) reference to the type of M. proba is not applicable for inadvertent lectotype designation (see note).

Micronecta annandalei Horváth, 1913a: 479 (syn. Linnavuori, 1960: 48). HT: female, Israel, Wad-es-Semakh, Lake Tiberias; NZSI.

Micronecta compar Horváth, 1926b: 4 (syn. Jaczewski, 1936a: 181, suspected; Hutchinson, 1940: 365). HT: male, Sudan, Mangalla; NHRS.

Micronecta thomasseti Jaczewski, 1927b: 443 (syn. Hutchinson, 1929: 424). HT: Senegal, Dakar; lost (Jaczewski, 1949; synonymic taxa not listed), paratypes: 13 spec., Natal, Weenen; BMNH.

Micronecta perdita Hutchinson, 1929: 426 (syn. Jaczewski, 1936a: 181, suspected; Hutchinson, 1940: 366). HT: male, S Africa, Transvaal, Limpopo River nr Messina; PMNH? (2 spec. from the type locality, not marked as types).

Micronecta hessei Hutchinson, 1929: 427 (syn. Jaczewski, 1936a: 181, suspected; Poisson, 1957b: 367). HT: male, Angola, Kunene River, Kambele Falls; South African Museum, Cape Town, S Africa?

Micronecta ras Hutchinson, 1930: 452 (syn. Jaczewski, 1933a: 346, 1936a: 181, suspected; Hutchinson, 1940: 366). HT: male, Ethiopia, Hora Harsadi; BMNH.

Micronecta scutellaris minor Poisson, 1934a: 102 (syn. Hutchinson, 1940: 366). STS: many, Mozambique, Chemba; MNHN?

Micronecta scutellaris pseudostriata Hutchinson, 1940: 371 (new synonymy: colour var. only). HT: male, Kierpur, Purneah Distr., Behar; NZSI?

Micronecta hejazana Brown, 1951: 252 (syn. Wróblewski, 1968b: 776, suspected; Linnavuori, 1986a: 32). HT: male, Saudi Arabia, Hejaz, Al Birza nr Jidda; BMNH.